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Our multi-specialist public relations consultancy creates top brand and corporate reputations. Strategic counselling and creative lateral thinking bring our clients’ business plans to life.

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Our Approach

Our dynamic, pro-active approach adds colour to our clients' actions. We paint a picture to the media. We delight in the resulting success.

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The key to our PR success has been based on delivering measurable results against strategic objectives. We work, nationally and internationally, delivering successful PR campaigns across the UK and Europe. At the start of 2017, we came of age, celebrating our 21st anniversary.

We are multi-specialists with extensive experience in Automotive PR, B2B PR and Consumer PR. Also Exhibition PR, Technology PR and Travel PR.

Client Loyalty

Our current clients have been with us for an average of over five years and our longest standing client for over 13 years!

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Tip of the Month

On TV and radio, keep facts and figures to a minimum!

Quote of the Month

“..in life’s steeplechase one must always jump the fences when they come.”
Sir Winston Churchill